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The Massage for Movers in Maidstone






Massage training and experience.

In 2012 Kiran began training as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist qualifying from the London School of Sports Massage with a BTEC Level 5 and an LSSM Diploma in 2013. His treatments use specialised skills and techniques, to assess, treat and provide rehabilitation exercises for injury maintenance and prevention. Kiran currently treats at Evolution Strength and Fitness, Aylesford,  ProHealth Therapy Rooms Maidstone, regular corporate events and home visits..

The Massage for Movers in Maidstone





Whether you’re a keen sportsman, a builder, a parent or an office worker, Sports Massage can benefit you.

Everyday movement creates tension and can cause imbalances throughout the body, which can lead to muscle tension, aches and pains, joint problems and bad posture.


The aim of Sports and remedial massage is to identify the root cause of a complaint, treat its symptoms and encourage the body’s natural healing process enabling you to return to your activities. 

When you feel threatened or potential danger your muscles tighten because the nervous system has told the brain and the brain creates the response for protection. So when a massage therapist is working deep, causing discomfort, sticking elbows in, it's likely your muscles will contract as a defence mechanism.


I work differently, I work to calm the nervous system allowing the muscles to find their natural softness which makes it easier to feel for injury and restriction. It also makes it easier to work deeper with less pressure and this benefits us both. A range of other unique Sports Massage technique are used to support the work to guide you back to health. 






What happens during the treatment?

  • Full case history (first treatment only)

  • Detailed postural assessment

  • Testing of 'problem' area

  • Treatment

  • Guidance and self help exercises


  • BTEC Level 5 qualified and fully insured

  • Extensive knowledge of anatomy in motion

  • Personalised and unique treatment plan

  • Clear rehabilitation programme

  • Continued CPD to bring you the most up to date knowledge and techniques. 

  • Friendly and informative service


Prohealth Therapy Rooms

22 Church Street, Maidstone. ME14 1EN

Call 07738 698670


Monday 14:00-20:30

Thursday 08:00-20:30

1 hour treatment    £45

Your first treatment will require an hour. 



is available in your work place.

CHUDOGRAPHY can bring massage to your workplace offering mini massages. 20 minutes of massage working with the client fully clothed is enough to feel the benefits. No special equipment required and no awkward undressing, just need a space big enough for the couch or a chair if you prefer to be seated.  


Please note there are 2 flights of stairs to the clinic space. If you have mobility issue please get in contact. 

A sensitive yet deep approach to sports and remedial massage therapy working with the soft tissues of the body. Treatments use a range of techniques including traditional massage therapy as well as muscle energy, Myofascial and neuromuscular techniques.

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