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Craniosacral Therapy for babies

The gentle non invasive touch of the work makes it suitable for all from baby into adulthood.

For babies

From the moment of conception to birth your baby is experiencing, feeling and responding to a whole host of physical and emotional stimuli as they form and grow. This journey can be challenging for some babies and they may need support as they enter the world. With no verbal communication Craniosacral therapy offers a unique listening platform allowing your baby to communicate and be heard in a safe and nurturing environment supporting the resolution of any tensions, misalignments and imbalances as well as supporting their emotional health.

Craniosacral therapy can support your baby in

- establishing and supporting breast feeding

- developing good sleep patterns

- feeding issues

- general restlessness

- bonding with parents

- Torticollis, reflux, colic and more.

During a session I invite both parents to attend when treating your baby. They can be cuddled by either parent, fed, changed or even asleep. Craniosacral Therapy should not disrupt your normal routine and the session is held with no judgment.

For mums

Pregnancy can be a stressful journey for mums with having to deal with everyday life as well as expectation and heading into the unknown. Craniosacral therapy can help with both the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, from ailments such as back pain to calming the nervous system helping to decrease stress, anxiety and supporting the changes within the hormonal system as well as preparing for birth. Post birth Craniosacral therapy can support you in your new role of a mum and you may attend the session with your baby.

For dads

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for dads as they find and adapt to their new role within the family structure. In supporting their partner it’s possible for men to neglect their own emotions and anxieties and they may find it harder to express these verbally. Craniosacral Therapy offers a safe space to support the father in dealing with these challenges as well as supporting bonding with mother and baby.

It’s never too late, birth issues can be resolved in childhood, teenagers and even into adulthood and as a parent it’s not too late to deal with any unresolved issues from pregnancy to parenthood. Of course there are all combinations of family units out there and we welcome all.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please get in contact.

Image credit- CSTA

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