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I recently listened to Annie Mac's podcast Changes where she interviewed Nick Grimshaw and they discussed their departure from Radio 1. They both left over the summer. Nick described that he had reached a time in his life where he needed a change and described it as re-arranging the furniture of his life and said The posh people call it re-hanging. Taking time to reflect and check in on the things in your life that serve you and take steps to make changes to things that don't. I think that now is a great time to think about re-hanging, reflecting on the chaos of the past year and how we are going to move forward in life with work, relationships and planning for the future. We have all made changes, adapted and reflected consciously or unconsciously and through choice and possibly out of necessity.

The body is in a constant state of repair, regulation and regeneration. At each moment, the vitalising forces of the Breath of Life hold the whole process together, bringing order and integration. Michael Kern. Craniosacral Therapist.

The body is ever-changing yet we get stuck into the rhythm and patterns of our lives.

Health is universal. It is an expression of universal creativity. We live in a constantly creative universe. Each moment is a moment of creation. Our human system is an expression of this moment to moment creation. Franklyn Sills. Craniosacral Therapist.

It's not always easy or comfortable, it may not be immediate and we must be prepared to take small steps and learn to be ok with not knowing but trusting. In Craniosacral Therapy we are taught to trust the intelligence of the body listening to the subtle rhythms and messages and that no matter the situation, there is potential for health. The body is only ever striving for health and to keep you safe. It's an important message particularly at this time, we must trust that things will get better and there is potential to restore health and return to our 'normal.' We must trust ourselves, use our creativity and resources to take steps towards re-arranging the furniture of our lives. Our resources being participating in mindful activities, support from friends, family, professionals, learning new skills, listening to and take on feedback and self reflection. You don't always have to be right or succeed as long as you learn from the experience.

My re-hanging.

So, I'm asking myself What do I want? What motivates and inspires me? What's my end goal?

Craniosacral Therapy has been an integral part me helping to find clarity, to organise thoughts and to assess and resolve embodied trauma from past experiences that have been shaping and potentially consciously or unconsciously hindering my life experiences. I have developed stronger relationships and support systems, I trust that I am resourceful and confident in my skills but am open to learn and adapt. It's not a New Years resolution, but a plan. You can't fail, you just keep working towards a goal. What do I want to achieve in the next 3,6,9 and 12 months? As I mentioned in a past newsletter things don't always go to plan but we should try and be open to our potential, to wider experiences and explorations. And who knows what pleasant surprises might pop up on the way!

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