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Together Online

….. the most important aspect of energy was not the source but the space around it, and the influence of one on the other. Lynne McTaggart.

I have always seen yoga as a community, through mind, breath and movement there is a deep sense of belonging. In reference to McTaggart’s quote, I am the source, but it is you through your trust in me, willingness to explore, share and commitment to class that allows us create an atmosphere of safety, connection and mutual respect. For me there’s nothing better than walking into a class full of chat and having to stop conversations so we can start the class. We should not underestimate the effects of these interactions.

My friend suggested that I start making yoga videos years ago, but like most people I hate hearing my voice back, I’m rubbish at technology and I get nervous. When the lockdown was announced I selfishly thought how much teaching yoga and sharing time with you all meant to me and thought that it might be the same for you. I didn’t want to lose that connection and entering into the unknown of the pandemic, I knew we could all use some support, grounding and time away from the madness. I love face to face classes but tried the make the best of a bad situation. Sharing time with you during the lockdown gave me a sense of purpose, routine, hope, a chance to step out of the madness and knowing I wasn’t alone in it all. Many of you have commented the same and mentioned that even though you do not know everyone, even if you can’t see them, by hearing me say hello to everyone you know that we are all in it together and you feel connected.

To be engaged in the social world is not only to be engaged in the here and now but also to feel a sense of both belonging and safety. Peter Levine

As mentioned in the previous newsletter I have been working with Ross from The Bear Face.

Thinking usually happens best in tandem. It is the curiosity of someone else that gives us the confidence to remain curious about ourselves. Allain De Botton

I 100% agree and massively thankful to Ross for challenging me to re-arrange my furniture and identify the things I am doing and the changes I could make to maximise my potential. I have learnt a lot already and continue to add to my knowledge. Once I started online classes I knew they would be a constant part of my offering. I stopped seeing them as the best of a bad situation and began to embrace the change, the potential and how they can work alongside face-to-face classes.

Through collaboration I have decided re-brand the virtual classes to

Together Online captivates the essence and intention of Chudography, reinforcing the message of community and connection, wherever we choose to practice yoga.

Together Online is important and I will endeavour to keep a regular timetable. We will continue with our two-week blocks of classes, which will remain 45 minutes and know that whether you’re a regular to class or pop in and out, you are ALWAYS welcome to join. To enhance the offering, I truly invite you to get in contact with any questions about your yoga practice so that you can get the most out of your time. We shouldn’t allow the virtual world to be a boundary to personal interactions.

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