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In addition to my regular classes and clinic work, I enjoy delving deeper and exploring elements of practice in greater detail.  It's easy to get caught up focussing on trying to maintain poses of keep up with the classes and then to forget the meaning or intention of the practice.  These workshops aim to assist you in more meaning practice which is beneficial for you.  They will all have different themes, purposes and intentions so be sure to keep an eye here or on CHUDOGRAPHY social media pages for dates of the next one.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you back for this face to face session.

Best wishes,


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I have particated in the following CHDOGRAPHY activities:

The one for all the yoga enthusiasts!

“What is this meant to feel like?’ “Am I doing it right?” “I can’t feel it there, but I can feel it here?”


If you’re asked these to yourself it’s time to come and find the answers in this 4-hour interactive workshop. 


Break It Down Now will feel like your very own one to one lesson. We’ll practically explore and master our favourite yoga postures understanding the intention and anatomy, to make our adjustments getting the maximum benefits. Learn what difference it makes to “Sink into your heels,” to “Push into the shoulders,” or to “Engage the centre.” Strengthen the dog, lengthen into the lunge and flex deeper into the fold, improve your overall strength, flexibility and mobility.  


The textbook can say “This posture will stretch this, strengthen this and improve mobility here,” But everyone and every body will experience each posture in their unique way depending on your daily activities, the shape and structure of your body. So “feel it in your body.” You know your body best. Work with your body, listen and feel your body. Understand your strengths, your weaknesses and tailor each posture to suit your needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been doing yoga for years. Maybe you’re working towards a goal or recovering from an injury. You can make small changes to significantly improve your practice. 

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Reflecting on the first (of many) workshops.

If you have ever experienced pain or discomfort in your body and said:

“I just woke up and I couldn’t move.”

“I can’t think of anything I did yesterday to cause this.”

“I only lifted a washing basket.”

“It’s constantly tight.”


If you’re saying “Yes,” then you missed the one event you never knew you needed: Free your spine…and the rest will follow! It was a mindful, self-reflective and informative workshop learning how everyday actions cause tension around the spine and the effects of these restrictions on both our physical and emotional health. The repetitive accumulative nature of your daily activities; the twisting, bending, lifting, stretching, and contracting, are affecting your posture, mobility and the efficiency with which you can move. The building of tension can eventually lead to deeper-rooted dysfunction and pain.


Through the skill of embodiment, we thoughtfully exercised to self-correct, restoring function and mobility. We don’t have to suffer; we don’t have to wait until our next appointment with our physical therapist. We can work towards maintaining our own health. It takes a little bit of knowledge, some awareness and a few minutes of mindful movement to make significant changes within your body.


Through presentation, demonstration, movement exploration and interactive pair work, we learnt about the structure, function and anatomy of the spine and its connection and relationship to the nervous system and surrounding muscles and organs.


What are the common postures?

What actions have contributed to the weaknesses and tensions which hold these patterns?

What is my posture?

What actions have I done to contribute towards it?

What do I need to stretch and strengthen to restore a ‘good posture?’

How does it feel before and after I have done the exercises?


We left an inch taller and calmer. We connected back into our bodies and slowed our minds. We stopped rushing and felt the journey of every movement rather than just arriving at a position. We shared our experience with others over movement, breath, mind and food. We each left with a little ‘light bulb moment’ that will stick with us and hopefully be the start of a moment of meaningful change in our lives.

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