We do not know ourselves unless we can feel and interpret our physical sensations.

Bessel Van Der Kolk


I love a fancy instagram post of yoga but what social media reflects is not a true representation of the experience you'll receive in my class. There's no contortion, no fancy leggings required and unfortunately no sun drenched beaches to practice on. You do not have to have previous experience and it does't matter if you can't touch your toes. 


CHUDOGRAPHY YOGA is designed for every ability and every body, it's real, functional, embodied and fun. Based on the principles of Vinyasa yoga coordinating mind, body and breath as well as a unique movement exploration bringing awareness to your body with benefits for both your physical and emotional health. 



 CHUDOGRAPHY YOGA is non spiritual, heavily informed by anatomy and physiology and mindful practices. I use everyday language to guide you through class and offer differentiated options throughout. Classes are mixed ability and everyone can participate.

'Take what's good for your body.'

'Feel the stretch in your body.'

Please inform me of any medical or health issues before you take class.







09:00-19:30 Sports Massage and private yoga

 @ProHealth Therapy Rooms

One to ones start at £40



12:30-13:30 Beginners Yoga @YMCA

Call to book. 01622 749404


11:00-12:00 Beginners Yoga @YMCA

Online yoga classes

MONDAY . Mindful- 17:30

TUESDAY . Training- 17:30

THURSDAY . Mobilisation- 09:30

FRIDAY . Feel good 18:00

£5 per class. Class over Zoom. 

Message me to book

Online one to one classes available 

​I qualified from The Freestyle Yoga Project, Tunbridge Wells with a 200hr Yoga Alliance teaching certification in 2015. I run classes in Maidstone and also teaches classes at The Village Gym, The YMCA Maidstone & David Lloyd Maidstone, as well as regular corporate classes and one to ones.

One to One

Frequently asked questions

I have never done yoga. Can I come to class?

You absolutely can! Classes are mixed ability and suitable for every one. Each class is usnique in sequence, so if you miss a week there's no catching up. Directions are given in everyday language and variations are given throughout to add challenge or to take it easier.

What should I wear?

Joggers/shorts/leggings and a comfortable top, something you can easily move in. You may want to bring a warm layer for the end of class.

Do men do yoga?

They do indeed and it's growing in popularity. I have worked with men from all professions including body builders, hairdressers, electricians, carpenters, office workers, football and rugby players, MMA practioners and many more.

Do I need a mat?

If you have one bring it along. If not I have spares which you're welcome to borrow. If you're looking to purchase a mat I can offer advice.