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Privacy Policy

It is my responsibility to inform you of the data I hold about you, how it is used and how it is stored. You must agree to this before any data can be held.


Each student is asked to complete a ‘New Student’ form detailing name, phone number, email address, emergency contact and details of any current and previous injuries. You have also been asked if you consent to be contacted with special events/updates and consent for photography. Your information is stored at my house in a locked filing box. Regular class attendee’s information travels with me to each class to update as required, e.g. for a new injury, pregnancy or change of phone number. 


Phone numbers are stored in my phone accessed by touch ID or a passcode. Phone or text will only be used for last minute class updates, e.g. class cancellation. If you would like your phone number deleted please let me know. 


Photos are stored on my personal laptop secured by a password and will be used on the website and social media posts. No photos will be taken without prior consent. If you wish for a photo to be removed for any reason please contact me. 

You will be added to the mailing list by agreeing to be contacted by ticking the box on the New Student form or by signing up through the website or a class sign up sheet at a workshop or event. Emails will be sent through the WIX mailing App where the website is hosted. The website is password protected. Your email address will not be shared and is secured on my phone by passcode and fingerprint ID to access and password protected on my laptop. 


Every client is required to complete a patient record form detailing name, age, address, D.O.B, children, occupation, social activities, details of your current complain and a past medical history. All information is collected to determine the best course of action for your complaint.  All data Sports Massage data will be stored in the same way as the yoga. 



All information stored as above. 


I am required to retain data for 7 years in accordance with my insurance policy. You can see the information held about you by contacting me and I will supply the information within 1 month of your initial request and free of charge. If you decide to no longer to receive services provided by Chudography please let me know and your data will be destroyed after the 7th year following your last session. 

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